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I was a martyr with iron teeth, i can chew up and swallow all your tithes. Bled dry, cut my tongue out now before the poison makes me change my mind. Tell me what have we done it's like we unchained the earth from the sun. You can't find love in a twilight town, boy, you're better off living with a gun in your mouth. They'll pick at your bones then pick their teeth of your skin, and you'll sing "Hallelujah! The water's just right come on in. They'll throw you to wolves, pay their woes with your sins. And you'll sing "Hallelujah! If you got the money, baby, come on in." Tremble, i fall on my knees, it's like a carryall loaded to the gunwhales. Low tide, oh my sinking feet. Toss me in a river let me sink and tell dead man's tales. Was it the faith of the dead or fate of the living? Never could tell if it's a fight worth winning you know, but it sounds quite fitting.
C'mon love keep the juices flowing. Drink up boys if you're feeling dry. Are you seven by nine or tall and trough? We're going full split baby in the vaulting house. While we dig our way through a hollow grave, it's a hard row all the way down this southern scape, you might wish you'd stayed, but you'll always be the fool to your crown. We'll nail em to the counter three ways from sunday. They'll find themselves in a pressing crave, half seas over hand and glove. You can hang up the fiddle but it's never enough.
Lock down was what the news kept running. Jumped town after i took your money tonight. An eye for an eye, it's been a long time coming, a reminder left when our love died humming in lights. I'm a house of wolves, im real cheap loving, im a live wire hitch on a freight train coming. Im a stiff drink that you just can't stomach im a hard case, hell fired, long con running. Lock down was what the news kept running, jumped town after i took your money tonight. The sounding alarm's got the whole ground shaking baby, no way out. It's our for the taking tonight. I'm aces high, i'm a wolf in sheeps clothing I'm a nightmare dressed in a blood lust cunning I'm a call to arms, i'm a dead shot nothing I'm a hard case, hell fired, long con running
Cut out my tongue and carve out my eyes. So i see no evil and i speak no lies. We all die alone, we all die unwise. We all dig our graves and we die in our pride. And i see no way to get out alive, cause my Lord is coming to pay back and chastise me. Rain down and pour me a river, oh lord pour me a river...Faith is a lavishness we all can disguise as a mountain of fool's gold. Oh the cadence of trying to hide from the sins of our fathers and our mother's unfaithful eyes. You can bet there's a payback coming for the blood i shed and dried. I was born in a den of thieves on my mother's darkest day. Like a wayward son i came, my father never gave me a name. I bred death on a sudden whim, i sowed hate among my kin. But the Lord is coming, the Lord is coming to pay me back my sins.
I've been clawing like a devil's living under my skin. Im like the ox at a slaughter and it's wearing me thin. Singing hymns of the dreadful and the chorus is thick, yeah the reaper's got me humming along. Been up and down the river and it's aching my bones. Tied up like a harlot while they're throwing their stones. Fear's just a souvenir you take when you go, no bigger lie you believe in. Caught me a silver tongue by the noose and a throe. Hell never bid my stay now it;s calling me home. Heaven's got a place for the wayward sons but they never heard my name at the gates. I could recite my sins till they're burning my lungs i know i'll pay that wage below or above. You get the rot in your stomach at the judgement throne while the preacher's got em hollerin' and nodding along. There's a debt on the table and blood in my lungs, they say i caught up to Belial in height. Hollow is the son of a father of lies, bred to inherit and colder the eyes. I know how i lived and i know that i'll die but you can never take away what's mine.
Nobody's Sun 05:09
Airing my lungs over a lick and a promise. Lord, they say im a cross grained man. Missed my chance by a fair shake common and pinned my luck to a dead man's hand. My face never knew a mother's love. She was colder than the coldest touch. Still her cold hand forced me through a sewn up rage. I was as wayward as my father's name. I ain't nobody's love. I ain't nobody's Sun. I ain't nobody's blood cause i ain't nobody's son. Found my faith in a stain glass window, but lost my aim when it bed me down like snakes and scoffers rattling my cage. Oh if you got time and hell to pay...


Originally Released by Sounds and Tones Records

Re-released by MTDT on CD and all Digital Platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and more.


released July 14, 2017

Produced by Jesse Winchester and Joe Mansman Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Jesse Winchester Recorded at The Masonic Temple of Hudson Falls (Hudson Falls NY)

Photography by Schraver McCasland and Sam Stone / Cover Photography by Garrett Bean
All songs written by Joe Mansman and The Midnight Revival Band
Additional vocals and percussion by Jimmy Lightning

"Cut Out My Tongue" Music Video Directed by Creator K.



all rights reserved



Joe Mansman and The Midnight Revival Band Glens Falls, New York

Outlaw Rock and Roll.


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